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Chopin concerts in Warsaw

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Chopin Is Back in Warsaw!

Are you ready for an unusual meeting?
It’s high time to spend an evening with Frederic.
You have a date with him, don’t you?


Please come in and take a seat. You’re welcome.
Let’s listen together to some live music and then
talk about the grand piano, of course.

Chopin Point, or a Place to Meet Frederic

An outstanding composer and a brilliant pianist himself, as well as a charismatic piano teacher, Frederic is, too, a fan of excellent coffee, delicious chocolate and good cuisine. In addition to all this, he is a charming man, a passionate lover and a genuine Polish patriot.
At Chopin Point, we celebrate Chopin every day, and we do so by featuring him as both a genius artist and a likable person. Arguably, it is this personalized perspective that is going to give you a unique glimpse into his world and make friends with him.

Why Is This Place so Special?

It was in this very building that Chopin, then a teenager, played the piano during a charity concert, one of many charity concerts he loved to be part of. The building’s walls do remember his performance here. It is for this reason, among other things, that when listening to Chopin’s music here, you’ll have two pleasures at once, namely, the joy of becoming a friend of Frederic’s and the joy of spending time in the music salon with a soul, while drinking our delicious coffee.

How Did Our Music Salon Start?

About us

Frederic, please play some music for us tonight.
Music cannot be listened to during big events only.
Besides, the piano should not be gathering dust in there.
Please play.

Chopin Point, a Venue for Special Experience

For his close friends, Chopin loved playing in intimate places like this. That’s why when a concert of his music begins at Chopin Point every evening, everybody here freezes in silence, and the hustle and bustle typical for such a venue fades. To meet a living Chopin here is to listen to his nocturnes and mazurkas live. Live music communicates more than a thousand words. To some, his music evokes an emotion of love; to others it is a longing for a lost yet beloved world; yet for others it is about the energy carried through sounds. Each of us experiences Chopin’s s music in a different way. That’s where the beauty of his compositions lies: in its rich, intimate, and captivating complexity.

And When the Concert Is Over? It Is a Time for Memorable Conversations

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Broadening Your Chopin Experience

A private Chopin recital for your family, friends or clients is an exceptional time, the time of relaxation, peacefulness, and joy through listening to high quality music. In addition to that, on request, we can broaden your experience by way of our Chopin-inspired catering. Also, you can have a walk with our guide along Chopin’s route. Likewise, you can get engaged in a street game called “Play Chopin,” which is going to tell you more about the composer’s everyday life in Warsaw. In short, with Chopin Point, not only can you listen to Frederic’s music, but also drink and eat well and hear our experienced guide’s remarkable stories about the composer.

Experience Chopin with us. The way you like.

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